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All new membership is now suspended as I prepare resources for the new 2019 courses. If you already have a paid subscription I have extended this until the end of November 2020 to cover the complete 2014 syllabus.

2019 Course Material

I hope to have the Core SL and Core HL online on August 1st 2019. The AI and AA SL and HL material will follow at a later date. ALL TEACHING MATERIAL FOR THE NEW COURSE WILL BE FREE FOR STUDENTS AND STAFF. I plan to sell revision books and end of unit tests to cover the cost of the website. 

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100 (SL) and 120 (HL) revision cards that cover all aspects of the course.

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Every question has a full video explanation with QR codes to link the student direct to the question.

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All questions are colour coded (green, orange, red) to show difficulty.

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All questions are original and brand new.

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Latest resources

New Google forms added this week: Starting integration (SL and HL) Definite integration (SL and HL) Bounded areas between curves (SL and HL) Also, a Desmos lesson added on areas under curves in the teacher site.

HL Revision Tests

All new HL revision tests completed and uploaded for teachers and school subscribers. There are 5 Paper 1 (non-GDC) and 5 Paper 2 (GDC) questions. Each paper takes an hour to complete and has full worked solutions. All available now online.

SL Unit tests

All unit tests for SL are now completed and online for teacher and school access.

New SL Unit Tests

New SL unit tests available now: Quadratics, functions (2 tests), logarithms, differentiation (2), and probability (2). All with full answer schemes. Available in teacher/school content.

HL Probability Google form

A long review form for HL students added. 40 questions that will take around 1.5 to 2 hours. You will need to know how to integrate before doing this review.

Studies Google Forms

I have uploaded 2 new Google Forms for Studies: Rounding and estimating; and Scientific (or standard) notation. 12 questions in each. More Studies Google forms to follow.

HL Calculus Review Forms

Added differentiation HL and integration HL Google self-marking review forms. Each should take about 90 minutes to complete.

Studies revision tests complete

5 Paper 1 and 5 Paper 2 revision tests all with full worked answers now available to all teachers and school subscribers.

SL Revision tests online

A complete set of 10 revision tests for SL is now available. This includes 5 Paper 1 tests and 5 Paper 2 tests, each should take about an hour to complete in class or for homework. Ideal revision. All questions have full worked answers and are available to Teachers...