19 New worksheets and tests

Studies worksheets: percentage error, scientific notation, quadratics, arithmetic progressions, geometric progressions, central tendency, correlation and regression,
Studies tests: 1-Var Stats, 2-Var Stats, algebra, progressions.
SL worksheets: product and quotient differentiation, the chain rule, starting differentiation, starting integration, areas under curves,
SL tests:  differentiation, integration, vectors.

All passworded – email for password if you have a subscription.
New SL Revision sheets are being written and will be available within a few weeks.

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New resources this week

HL Calculus revision lesson – ten mixed questions with full worked answers. Download the pdfs or watch the lesson.

Worksheets: SL/HL Starting Calculus (look under Differentiation first principles); SL/HL Tangents and Normals; Studies Number Bounds; Studies Scientific Notation.

Find all worksheets below the Flash lessons. You will need the password to open the worked answers.

More worksheets being added this week.

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Revision Tests

Find 10 Revision tests for each level of Maths, 5 Paper 1 and 5 Paper 2 for HL, SL and Studies.
All the tests are for the 2014 syllabus and each test has full worked answers. Download the tests with a school or teacher subscription. All tests are password protected for teacher and individual use.

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HL Stats Course now online

The HL (option) Stats course is now on line with 16 new lessons with full explanations and examination style questions and answers.
Worksheets will be uploaded next week ready for examination revision.

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More Worksheets

Just added: Studies worksheets for Straight lines. Double Angles and Compound Angles in HL.

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Uploaded in the past two weeks: Studies trigonometry worksheets, SL/HL trigonometry worksheets, Hl and SL algebra worksheets.
All worksheets have a full sets of worked answers.
All worksheets are passworded for subscribers only.
More worksheets uploaded on a weekly basis.

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Practice Tests

30 IB Practice Tests now available for download for members. All tests are passworded. If you are a subscriber and have not received the password information, please let me know.

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New Resources

I have started to add pdf worksheets ready for download. I have just added Transformations (SL and HL) and Reciprocals (HL). There are plenty more that are being proof read and ready to be uploaded.

Follow me on twitter (#ibmathsdotcom) for regular communication on new uploads.

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Video Help

New videos added under video help. You can also click on Individual Subscriptions to get a preview of the site.

If you are an individual and wish to preview then please create an account and then Email me with the title Free trial. I can organise a weeks free trial with 24 hours for you.

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Thanks for those who have passed on feedback to me. I have amended any lesson with typos or mistakes.
We have found two glitches with the site to date: the class list csv uploads, which is being fixed; and I have found a problem with the GDC video tutorials within the lessons. This will take longer to fix, but I am confident that this will be completed by the end of October at the latest.

Keep using the site, and keep your comments coming, as it is the only way to improve the service for you and your students.


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