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New Maths Courses 2019

Below are links for the new Maths IB courses. Each course already has a number of teaching resources, including slideshow lessons, google forms, homework forms, learning outcomes, video questions and tutorials and links for Geogebra and Desmos lessons. Over the course of the next 2 years I plan to completely populate each lesson.

Completely Free

All material for the new courses is completely free and available to all with no sign-ups or logon.


Explanations of lessons, key points and video question and answers for the new course. Learn independently, reinforce and practice.

Downloadable files

Google slides and documents to copy for your students to complete activities and investigations.


Links for lessons in Desmos and Geogebra sorted by lessons and level.


Google Forms

Self marking Google Forms to practice understanding for your students.

SL Applications and Interpretations

HL Applications and Interpretations

SL Analysis and Approaches

HL Analysis and Approaches

Latest Videos

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Exam-style Questions


Fully explained solutions


Exam hints and tips


Casio GDC tips


Questions by unit


Practice examinations papers


All original questions

Revision Cards (SL and HL)


Perfect for revision

100 (SL) and 120 (HL) revision cards that cover all aspects of the course.

Video Explanations

Every question has a full video explanation with QR codes to link the student direct to the question.

Differentiated Questions

All questions are colour coded (green, orange, red) to show difficulty.

Original Questions

All questions are original and brand new.