Latest resources

New Google forms added this week: Starting integration (SL and HL) Definite integration (SL and HL) Bounded areas between curves (SL and HL) Also, a Desmos lesson added on areas under curves in the teacher site.

HL Revision Tests

All new HL revision tests completed and uploaded for teachers and school subscribers. There are 5 Paper 1 (non-GDC) and 5 Paper 2 (GDC) questions. Each paper takes an hour to complete and has full worked solutions. All available now online.

New SL Unit Tests

New SL unit tests available now: Quadratics, functions (2 tests), logarithms, differentiation (2), and probability (2). All with full answer schemes. Available in teacher/school content.

HL Probability Google form

A long review form for HL students added. 40 questions that will take around 1.5 to 2 hours. You will need to know how to integrate before doing this review.

Studies Google Forms

I have uploaded 2 new Google Forms for Studies: Rounding and estimating; and Scientific (or standard) notation. 12 questions in each. More Studies Google forms to follow.

SL Revision tests online

A complete set of 10 revision tests for SL is now available. This includes 5 Paper 1 tests and 5 Paper 2 tests, each should take about an hour to complete in class or for homework. Ideal revision. All questions have full worked answers and are available to Teachers...

Counting Questions

A HL resource with 5 extended counting questions (factorials and combinations) has been added to the Combinations page. The form has full video answers available when completed.