HL Stats Course now online

The HL (option) Stats course is now on line with 16 new lessons with full explanations and examination style questions and answers. Worksheets will be uploaded next week ready for examination revision.


Uploaded in the past two weeks: Studies trigonometry worksheets, SL/HL trigonometry worksheets, Hl and SL algebra worksheets. All worksheets have a full sets of worked answers. All worksheets are passworded for subscribers only. More worksheets uploaded on a weekly...

Practice Tests

30 IB Practice Tests now available for download for members. All tests are passworded. If you are a subscriber and have not received the password information, please let me know.

New Resources

I have started to add pdf worksheets ready for download. I have just added Transformations (SL and HL) and Reciprocals (HL). There are plenty more that are being proof read and ready to be uploaded. Follow me on twitter (#ibmathsdotcom) for regular communication on...

Video Help

New videos added under video help. You can also click on Individual Subscriptions to get a preview of the site. If you are an individual and wish to preview then please create an account and then Email me with the title Free trial. I can organise a weeks free trial...