HL AA – Integration




Standard Integrals

Definite Integration

Bounded Areas



Integration Review


Using the GDC

By Parts

Maclaurin Series

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Learning Outcomes
Integrate by using anti-differentiation techniques.
Integration and finding the value of the constant, C.
Using definite integration in order to find areas under curves.
Integration techniques to find integrals of sin, cos, ln and x.
Integration to find composite functions such as integral of cos(3x+1).
Using reverse chain rule to integrate functions.
Using technology to find definite integrals.
Finding regions enclosed by two functions.
Using integration to solve kinetic problems: displacement, velocity, acceleration.
Derivatives of tanx, cosecx, secx, cotx, powers of x, logs, arcsinx, arccosx, arctanx.
Use of partial fractions to integrate.
Use the substitution rule for integration.
Use integration by parts, including repeated integration by parts.
Find volumes of revolution for volumes bounded by x and y axes.