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HL AA – Vectors | IB Maths

HL AA – Vectors

Basic Vectors

3d vectors

Lines and planes

Vector Geometry

Cross Product


2d vectors

Vector planes

Vector Review

Traffic Light Coding for Unit

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Learning Outcomes
Concept of a vector in 2d and 3d.
Use of vector geometry to show movement, including displacement and position vectors.
Ading, subtracting, scalar multiples of vectors.
The magnitude of 2d and 3d vectors.
Scalar product of two vectors.
Finding angles between vectors, including perpendicular and parallel vectors.
Vector equations of lines in 3d.
Angles between lines.
Kinetic applications of vectors.
Intersections of vectors lines, angles, skew and coincident.
The vector product rule, and the normal vector.
Vector and cartesian equation of a plane.
Intersecting planes and link to linear algebra (3×3 solutions).
Angles between planes and planes or lines.
Intersection points between planes and lines.