HL AI – Statistics 2

Spearman's Rank


Non-linear data

Goodness of fit

Data Collection

The R squared



Hypothesis Review

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Learning Outcomes
Calculate Spearman’s Rank coefficient and understand limitations.
Analyse outliers and use of Spearman’s rank and Pearson’s correlation on data.
Understand the null and alternative hypothesis for testing, the p-value, and significance levels.
Conduct and analyse a Chi Squared test for goodness of fit.
Conduct and analyse a Chi Squared test for independence.
Conduct a t-test to analyse the means of two populations, using one and two tailed data.
Design appropriate data collection techniques.
Choosing appropriate data to analyse and fitting to relevant data types.
Understanding reliability, testing and results with statistics
Analysing non-linear regression, and evaluation of least squares regression on data.
Sum of square residuals to fit a model.
Using and finding the coefficient of determination (R2).