SL AA – Limits and differentiation

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Teacher Resources

Desmos Always, sometimes, never 2

Activity for IB Math students. Determine x-values for a given f'(x) (in this case 2). By Becky Hall.

Desmos Differentiation

Match a function with its derivative. Polynomial functions which require to be written in the form ax^n. IB Maths introduction to calculus By Becky Hall.

Desmos Change!

Rate of change of straight line and curved graphs. An introduction to calculus for IB Math Studies students. By Becky Hall.

Desmos Derivatives of a Polynomial

Investigate the nature of the derivative with simple polynomial functions (in this case mostly quadratics). By David Petro.

Desmos Sketchy Derivatives

In this activity, students respond to a variety of graph-sketching prompts to demonstrate (and deepen) their understanding of the graphs of derivatives. This activity is designed for students with at least some experience in sketching derivatives. If your students lack that experience, consider working through two or more examples before they begin the activity.