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Basic Exponentials

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Solving Equations with Exponents
Hidden quadratics in exponents

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Teacher Resources

Kahoot - Exponents

Desmos Polygraph exponentials

This Custom Polygraph is designed to spark vocabulary-rich conversations about exponentials, including how they differ from linear functions. Key vocabulary that may appear in student questions includes: increasing, decreasing, intercept, rate, asymptote, and curve.

Desmos What Comes Next?

In this activity, students predict “what comes next” for linear and exponential functions, based first on graphs and then on tables of values. Later, students explore connections between graphs, tables, and equations of linear and exponential functions.

Desmos Discovering the exponential function

An introduction to the exponential function for students. Students graph, sketch and make predictions while discovering the key features of the exponential function. By Becky Hall.