SL AA – Geometric Series

Geometric Series: terms and sums
Examination question 1
Examination question 2

Terms of Geometric progressions

Sums of Geometric progressions

Teacher Resources

Desmos Sequences Sort

Students sort cards of arithmetic and geometric sequences that have been represented in multiple ways (visual, explicit, recursive) – by Matt Baker.

Desmos Avi and Benita's Repair Shop

In this twist on a classic activity, students compare linear and exponential growth in the context of daily payments. One plan increases by $100 each day, while another grows by doubling the previous day’s payment.

Desmos Sequences

Students group 15 sequences into ‘arithmetic’, ‘geometric’ or ‘neither’ by Becky Hall.

Desmos Studying bacteria

Students use compound percentages/exponential growth/geometric sequences to find the number of bacteria after a certain amount of time, by Becky Hall.

Desmos King's Chessboard + Follow Up

Remake of an investigation in Connected Math’s Growing Growing Growing book. ByPaul Jorgens.