SL AA – Modelling with Logs

Modelling with the natural exponent (e)

Teacher Resources

Desmos Dr. Evil

This activity is inspired by Robert Kaplinsky’s task. Learning objectives: exponential growth, inflation, compound interest, and more. By Andrew Stadel.

Desmos Predicting Movie Ticket Prices

In this activity, students build a model to describe the relationship between average US movie ticket price and time. Students then use that model to make predictions about past and future ticket prices. Students also interpret the parameters of their equation in context.

Desmos Game, Set, Flat

In this activity, students will develop their understanding of the exponential relationship that describes a bouncing tennis ball. They’ll learn to examine successive terms in a sequence to determine if it represents an exponential relationship or not. They’ll also learn how to construct the exponential equation itself.

Desmos Rabbits, Rabbits and More Rabbits

The exponential growth of the rabbit population in Australia. I would recommend a pause after slide 1 and class wide notice and wonder looking at the data in the table together. By Paul Jorgens.

Desmos Sharing popcorn

A student shares popcorn with her friends. Students model exponential decay. By Paul Jorgens.

Desmos iPhone 6s Opening Weekend Sales

In this activity, students use previous iPhone sales data to make predictions about the number of iPhone 6s units sold during its opening weekend in September 2015. Students choose from linear, quadratic, or exponential models, or build their own based on a different function of their choosing. Created by Brian Marks.

Desmos Graphing exponential functions

Investigation on the graphs of exponential functions.