SL AA – Trigonometry

Right Angled Trig



Non Right Angled

Unit Circle and ratios

Trig Equations

3d Shapes

Double Angles

Trig Review

Traffic Light Coding for Unit

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Learning Outcomes
Trigonometric ratios in a right angled triangle. SOHCAHTOA.
Sine, cosine rules in non-right angled triangles; ambiguous case of the sine rule.
Area of a triangle ½absinC.
Using SOHCAHTOA with 3d shapes, including pyramids, cones, spheres, and combinations of these.
Using trigonometry in problem solving (Pythagoras’, elevation and depression).
Radian and degree measure conversion.
Using radian measure, length of an arc and area of a sector.
Unit circle and Pythagorean identities, sin2x+cos2x=1, tanx=sinx/cosx.
Exact trig ratios for 2pi, pi, pi/2, pi/3, pi/4 and pi/6 and multiples of these.
Double angle identities for sine and cosine.
Circular functions and their periodic nature.
Trig graphs and the transformation of trig graphs.
Real life trigonometric graphs and modelling.
Solving trigonometric equations with and without a GDC.
Quadratic equations with trigonometric equations.