SL AI – Function Notation

Function Notation

Domain and Range

Google form 10 questions on domain and range of functions.

Teacher Resources

Desmos Domain and Range Lab

This is an application of a student’s understanding of domain and range. They should have an initial understanding of both as well as a conceptual understanding of the vertical line test – enough so that it isn’t just a trick for them. By Mr. Polack.

Desmos Finding Domain and Range

In this activity, students describe the domain and range of six relationships. (First verbally and later algebraically.) Later, students use movable points to create three functions whose domain and range match specific criteria.

Desmos King of your domain

Card sort to help students correctly pair domain/range with a graph. By Paula Torres.

Desmos TRUTH or LIE? Domain and Range From a Graph

Inspired by the “Two Truths and a Lie” math strategy, this quick check provides students with opportunities to analyze graphs. By mathycathy.

Desmos Free-Range Functions

This activity challenges students to strengthen their ideas about range.