SL AI – Conditional and Independence

Conditional probability
Conditional probability – video
Independence question

15 questions on Venn Diagrams, probability, conditional and independence.

Teacher Resources

Desmos Probability and 2-way Tables

By Bob Lochel.

Desmos Bivariate Data

By Andrew Stadel.

Desmos Categorical Data: Frequency and Relative Frequency

Two way tables using data from the Titanic. Inspired by Chase Orton’s work from NCTM San Francisco presentation in 2016. Chase would want to remind us to see statistics as storytelling. It is critical that students do this in pairs or even trios. Their conversation making sense of the data is important. By Paul Jorgens.

Desmos Categorical Data: Before and After

Students explore the impact of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 on voter registration in Mississippi. They will interpret data in a two-way table and compute relative frequency tables. By Paul Jorgens.