SL AI – Regression

Correlation and the coefficient
Correlation and the coefficient – Video
Lines of best fit (regression lines)
Lines of best fit (regression lines) – Video

Correlation and regression Google Form

Teacher Resources

Desmos Pomegraphit

In this activity, students sort 10 types of fruit by tastiness and ease of eating in order to learn how those attributes can be represented on a coordinate plane, and to determine which fruit truly is “best.”

Desmos Scatter Plot Capture

In this activity, students use observations about scatterplot relationships to make predictions about future points in the plot. In particular, students focus on linear vs nonlinear association, strong vs weak association, and increasing vs decreasing plots. Inspired by Bob Lochel.

Desmos Polygraph Scatterplots

By Megan Schmidt.

Desmos Scatter Plots Starter

Starter for IB Math students. Match scatter graphs with descriptions for positive, negative, weak, strong correlation. By Becky Hall.

Desmos Activity

Lines of best fit with Desmos

Desmos Linear Regression and Correlation Coefficients

n this activity, students describe relationships between quantities, make predictions about the correlation coefficient (r), use sliders to approximate lines of best fit, and use these lines to make predictions. By Bob Lochel.

Desmos Correlation Card Sort

A card sort with follow-up questions for students beginning their studies of bivariate data. By mathycathy.

Desmos Line of Best Fit

n this activity, students visualize a line to fit a data set, then graph that line with sliders, and use it to make a prediction. Teachers can use the final screen to introduce the concept of the residual.

Desmos Backpack Weights

Edited from an AP Statistics – scatterplots activity with language now appropriate for IB Math AI. By Bob Lochel.