SL AI – Straight Lines

Plotting diagonal lines
Vertical and straight lines
Finding the gradient
Equation of a straight line
Parallel lines
Equation from 2 points (1)
Equation from 2 points (2)

Google form - Straight lines (basic)

Google Form - Diagonal line equations

Google Form - Straight line coordinates

Google Form - Straight line extension

Google Form - 3 ways

Writing a straight line in 3 different ways.

Teacher Resources

Straight Lines 3 ways

Google Slides for students to work on. Investigates writing equations in 3 different ways and uses a GeoGebra App, linked below.

y-y1=m(x-x1) Form

GeoGebra applet.

SSDD - Straight Lines

Same surface different deep structure on y=mx+c. 4 variants.

Kahoot - Straight Lines

Desmos Slope review

Review of slope by Becky Hall.

Desmos Talkers & Drawers - Linear Relations

Students will generate a need to use less informal language and more formal language when describing linear relations. By Jon Orr.

Desmos Polygraph Lines

With Polygraph, Desmos provides tools for developing informal language into formal vocabulary. Because words should result from a need to describe our world—this is where they gain their power.

Desmos Polygraph Lines 2

This activity follows up on Polygraph: Lines, using the discussions (and students’ informal language) in that activity to develop academic vocabulary related to the graphs of linear functions.

Desmos Land the Plane

In this activity, students practice finding equations of lines in order to land a plane on a runway. Most of the challenges are well-suited to slope-intercept form, but depending on the goals of an individual class or student they are easily adapted to other forms of linear equations.

Desmos Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

In this activity, students use sliders to investigate the slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines. By Brent Smith.

Desmos Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

By Bob Lochel.

Desmos Put the Point on the Line

This activity’s focus is slope. The goal is to sharpen students’ focus on slope. In particular, the activity asks students to estimate first, then to calculate, then to notice proportionality as they place points on an imaginary line.

Desmos Missile Attack

Using linear equations to connect points. By Emily Sliman.